Thursday, March 12, 2015

E-Verify a legal workforce.

Huge Breakthrough!
E-Verify ADVANCES in Congress.
Legal Workforce Act is Biggest Illegal Amnesty Buster Ever!
We need $55,000 THIS WEEK!
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Hi, Jim here again. Need some good news for a change? Imagine America with a workforce that becomes a more and more LEGAL WORKFORCE. Wouldn't that be a revolution for you? Well, now that can happen.
Rep. Lamar Smith's Legal Workforce Act just made it through the House Judiciary Committee! What this bill (H.R. 1147) will do is require all American businesses to use the federal E-Verify system to check the legal status of their new employees. The E-Verify system is very, very hard for illegal workers to beat. Employers who use it generally find that most illegal aliens don't even bother to apply for their jobs anymore, because the phony documents they rely on don't work with E-Verify.
We need to attack illegal immigration from every direction. The courts have temporarily halted President Obama's plans to legalize 5 million aliens. But millions of illegal aliens have taken American jobs without being legalized -- and tens of millions more will continue to do so over the next few decades.
To stop this, we need to push through a national E-Verify bill. The leadership has been promising targeted bills starting with enforcement. The Judiciary Committee has passed the bill early in the new Congress, indicating that Congress is ready to begin work on it.
If we can get this bill brought to the floor, I'm confident it will pass by a large margin. But this fight will be very expensive for an organization like ours, that depends so heavily on our members' donations. In fact, we need $55,000 just this week to get it moving.
Getting leadership to bring the bill to the House floor will require enormous pressure. And they have a history of fumbling the ball on the 1-yard line.
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If there are no jobs to be taken, there's no point in illegal aliens even crossing into America. That's why I think requiring E-Verify to screen out illegal aliens from the national workforce may be our biggest chance to roll back illegal immigration. Requiring E-Verify for every new employee would have an impact not only this year, but potentially for generations.
That's because without an effective way to enforce our immigration laws, hiring an illegal alien will always be cheaper than hiring a legal resident or citizen.
We need this bill to pass Congress and be signed by Pres. Obama. Yes, the political support by American voters is so strong that even President Obama has favored E-Verify in the past! But we need to make this a big issue. To do that, we need to get House Speaker John Boehner to put this committee-approved bill on the floor of the House for action.
Larry, right now we need a huge amount of our signature NumbersUSA pressure on Congress, to have Boehner bring the bill up for debate and a vote. We need to turn up the heat AGAIN, and that's expensive.
Let me tell you a little more about Congressman Smith's Legal Workforce Act (H.R. 1147):
There are entire industries in which Americans find it hard to get a job. The Legal Workforce Act will open these industries back up to American workers. Of course, NumbersUSA and our millions of members endorse it. So does the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Restaurant Association, and the National Association of Homebuilders. Why? They want to create a level playing field in labor, so one state doesn't undercut another on labor costs. Our fellow immigration groups are all backing this bill as well. Moreover, we have scores of strong allies in Congress who will go to the mat to see this bill through.
Don't you just hate when politicians say, "We can't deport the millions of 'undocumented workers' already living here?"
Well, we don't have to. When we quit giving Americans' jobs to illegal aliens, they will begin returning home on their own. We're not just guessing at this; we know because 2 million illegal aliens left during the early stages of the financial crisis (2008-2010)!
If you're a prospective employee, you need to know that E-Verify does not make you or your employer give the government any new information about you.
If you're an employer, you need to know that E-Verify protects you by letting you know that you're not hiring an illegal alien -- and lets you show you've done due diligence to avoid unknowingly hiring one.
If you're self-employed, or a job creator who is honest, law-abiding and patriotic enough not to hire illegal immigrants, you need to know that E-Verify prevents your competition from undercutting you by exploiting illegal immigration.
But you also need to know that without the support of NumbersUSA members, the Legal Workforce Act is going nowhere. Help us counter the lies of the open-border and cheap-labor lobbies.
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Keep the faith, and don't ever give up!
Jim Robb
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Vice President, Operations

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