Friday, March 20, 2015

True the Vote update

True the Vote

The Voter Roll Research Database is Now Available

Spring cleaning isn’t just for houses anymore – because the Research Database is now open for business! True the Vote is proud to finally bring engaged voters like you this incredible tool to help you make a difference in your community. The original research portal was impressive for a first attempt, but we are continually seeking to make improvements. So, we completely redesigned the system to improve end-user experience.

If you haven’t already, click here to sign up for the research database program
. We’ll need some basic information -- to verify that you are indeed human and assess interest geographically. Rest assured, your data WILL NOT be shared with third parties. True the Vote may contact applicants, though, for permission to help network fellow applicants within their community in an attempt to match-make potential working groups. From there, you will receive customizable login credentials and notifications for training opportunities.

Make sure to keep reading this weekly newsletter, as system updates (such as data refresh announcements) will be revealed here.
We Tried to Pull True the Vote’s FBI File. This is What We Found.

As you may have heard on the March 2015 National Conference Call, TTV kicked off an effort to use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to seek new answers into just why Washington was so interested in us after we filed for 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. We contacted a total of four federal entities in February: the FBI; DOJ Criminal Division; DOJ Public Integrity; Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives; and OSHA. This week, the FBI wrote back with some interesting answers.

Past efforts in 2012-2013 to see if the FBI kept any files on True the Vote came up empty. We just did not appear to be on the radar at that time, despite some politicians’ cynical prodding of the DOJ during that period. A new attempt in 2015 yielded the following, however:

“The material you requested is located in an investigative file which is exempt from disclosure … [FOIA] exempts from disclosure: ‘records or information compiled for law enforcement purposes, but only to the extent that the production of such law enforcement records or information … could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings…’.”

TTV was not really shocked to receive this response. After all, leadership had been invited to be interviewed as part of the FBI’s investigation of the IRS. This revelation does, however, confirm a suspicion that we had long held – TTV was a bona fide target of the Internal Revenue Service.
Catch the March 2015 National Conference Call Replay

You might have missed one of the most informative conference calls regarding TTV’s ongoing fight with the Internal Revenue Service – but you’re not out of luck. Click here to replay the conversation between True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht and attorney Cleta Mitchell as they discuss the latest developments in our lawsuit and how recent headlines regarding recovered Lois Lerner emails impact the case.
The Legislative Working Group’s Drawing Board

Email us if there is election reform legislation on the move in your state that you’d like to see passed/defeated.


Election Integrity Maryland has created a section on its website to detail all the work being done for election reform legislation. Click here to access it.


HB 621
– Relates to the termination of a volunteer deputy voter registrar’s appointment. Under the bill, county election officials would be empowered to revoke deputy status should they engage in any activity considered to be a violation of duties. Contact members of the House Committee on Elections to share your SUPPORT for this bill.

SB 795
– Relating to establishing an interstate voter registration crosscheck program. Under this bill, Texas would join a majority of states engaging in cooperative voter roll maintenance. Contact members of the Senate Committee on State Affairs to share your SUPPORT for this bill.

SB 796
-- Relating to the use of information from the lists of noncitizens excused or disqualified from jury service. The bill would make records of individuals claiming non-citizenship as an excuse to be excused from jury duty a matter of public record – significantly easing the process for concerned citizens to assist in voter roll cleanup. Contact members of the Senate Committee on State Affairs to share your SUPPORT for this bill.

HB 891
-- Relating to establishing an interstate voter registration crosscheck program. Contact members of the House Committee on Elections to share your SUPPORT for this bill.


SB 5184
– Authorizing counties to establish and conduct polling place voting. WA voters are encouraged to contact the Rules Committee to share their thoughts on the bill.
Help TTV with the Click of a Button

TTV receives calls and emails all the time from people wanting to know how they can help. Even though jobs as election observers or voter roll researchers aren’t for them, they still want to show their support. If this sounds like you, then look no further. True the Vote unveiled its first crowdfunded campaign to raise support for our ongoing efforts to expose the truth about the IRS targeting scandal. We hope you’ll check out our first-ever True the Vote Fundly campaign, and then spread the word to your own network of liberty-loving friends. If you are a veteran email forwarder or a social media maven, we need you! You can track our progress on the page and see the impact you’re making. Get started today!

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