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Dear Larry,
There is a dark effort underway to boycott, divest from, and sanction the Jewish state of Israel (BDS). The heart of this effort is found on America’s college campuses. The leaders of this movement have no interest in seeing the Jewish state live in peace with her neighbors. They have but one goal: Destroy the Jewish state through international isolation.
The tactics associated with BDS are nothing short of appalling. They demonize the Jewish state. They lie about the actions of the Israeli government. And they bully and intimidate pro-Israel students.
Since the BDS movement first reared its ugly head about ten years ago it has gained momentum on college campuses across the country. In the last few years, this obscene effort to single out Israel for economic punishment has won a string of victories in California. Just last month, Northwestern and Stanford Universities both voted in favor of divesting from Israel.
But there is a ray of hope...
Where CUFI On Campus has a strong presence we have been able to counter this BDS activity. We have provided our CUFI on Campus student leaders with training on how to defeat BDS. They are fighting back. And they are winning!

The Third Victory Against BDS at UC Davis
My heart was pounding rapidly as I walked into the room. In some ways, divestment had become a legacy here at the University of California, Davis, seeing how this was the third year this hate-filled piece of legislation was being presented to our student body government. But this year it was different. The last two years we had stopped this poisonous piece of legislation from passing, but this year our student body government had been manipulated. The Senate had been carefully stacked by members of the SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine), the MSA (Muslim Students’ Association) with the sole intent to pass this BDS resolution. Instead of subjecting ourselves to the pain, personal attacks, and marginalization by debating this bill for hours on end we decided not to legitimize this legislation anymore. Instead, two of our pro-Israel students gave one powerful speech in tandem.
Then in unison 150 of us walked out of the room proudly waving Israeli and American flags. As we walked out people chanted “Alluah-Akbar.” Because SJP and MSA stacked the Student Government the BDS legislation passed. Two days later swastikas were drawn on Jewish fraternity’s (AEPi) house. This prompted the UC Davis Student Court to overturn the BDS resolution on the grounds that it was “…primarily a political document and did not deal with student welfare to the extent that allowed the ASUCD Senate jurisdiction to pass.” Using the training I received through CUFI, I helped start a media campaign and over 12 major news outlets, including Fox News, covered this story. While we were yet victorious against all odds the sad reality is that these clubs have proven that they will continue to stir up dissention until BDS is passed. This is why we shall never give up the fight and will always remain vigilant.
Lydia Williams, CUFI Young Professional and Former CUFI on Campus President at UC Davis

CUFI on Campus President at Liberty University Passes the Nation’s First BDS Prevention Legislation
As a student at Liberty University, the world’s largest Christian university, I thought there was nothing I could do to combat BDS because thank God BDS would not be introduced on our campus. Then my CUFI friend at UC Davis, Lydia Williams called me and asked me to pray for her because her campus would be hearing another BDS bill. I watched live online the UC Davis Student Senate BDS debate and for the first time I saw vitriolic anti-Israel sentiment on campus. Once Lydia told me about the swastikas painted on the Jewish fraternity house I was called to take action. Just because I go to a Christian university didn’t mean I couldn’t do something incredible for the Lord and His chosen people. I worked with the CUFI on Campus staff and drafted the nation’s first ever BDS prevention legislation, and I am proud to report that on February 25th Liberty University passed this anti-BDS bill.
Chelsea Andrews, CUFI on Campus President at Liberty University

While we are immensely proud of Lydia and Chelsea, we know that we need many, many more like them if we are truly going to stop BDS across the country. To ensure that CUFI on Campus has a highly developed network of student leaders who are ready to effectively combat BDS and promote pro-Israel messages we have created the CUFI BDS Boot Camp. CUFI’s BDS Boot Camp equips students with the knowledge, resources and strategies they need to effectively defeat BDS on campus.
Last month we held our first two BDS Boot Camps in Atlanta and Denver. Top CUFI on Campus students were briefed on the BDS movement’s goal and strategies of isolating and demonizing Israel. Every student left the Boot Camp with an individual action plan to combat BDS on their campus.
We need your help to take the CUFI BDS Boot Camp national. With enough funding we can run BDS Boot Camps in cities across the country. And then we can send more Lydia’s and Chelsea’s back to their campuses to stand with Israel and against this tidal wave of hate.
Please help us ensure that the anti-Israel camp does not hijack the Israel conversation on campus.
Blessings to you and those that you love,
Pastor John Hagee
National Chairman
Christians United for Israe
David Brog
Executive Director
Christians United for Israel
Help us Take the CUFI BDS Boot Camps National

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