Monday, April 20, 2015

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The regular session of the State Legislature ends on Sunday at midnight. This is a critical week as we see if the Olympia liberals will insist on trying to strong-arm new taxes and force a special session.

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– Matthew, Josh and the rest of the Shift WA Team

Inslee is "committed to taxes at all costs"
The 2015 legislative session is scheduled to wrap-up in the next couple weeks but judging from their recent behavior, Democrats do not appear too concerned over the prospect of failing to meet the deadline. With negotiation sessions beginning this week, "the two sides remain deeply at odds over tax increases and pay raises for public employees." And, Jay Inslee isn't helping. [read more]
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Federal indictment reveals new details into Democrat Troy Kelley's alleged criminal activities
In yet another example of Democrat corruption in Washington State, a federal grand jury yesterday indicted Democrat State Auditor Troy Kelley on 10 counts of criminal activity on charges ranging from tax fraud to possession of stolen property. [read more]
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SEIU's true motive behind "Fight for $15" rallies
On Wednesday, activists across the state took to the streets to demand a $15 minimum wage. The "Fight for $15" rallies were organized by Working Washington, which is funded by the Service Employee International Union (SEIU) and relies on paid protesters for its demonstrations. [read more]
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Democrat admits "green" policies have little impact on carbon reduction
Oregon's disgraced Gov. John Kitzhaber may have stepped down, but that doesn't mean members of his staff bid their jobs adieu. Margi Hoffmann, the former energy policy adviser to Kitzhaber, retained her position in current Gov. Kate Brown's administration. [read more]
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