Saturday, April 04, 2015

My books are available

I'm broadcasting this out to some of my contacts. 
I don't know for sure how many are Christians or not. 
I AM and I hope YOU are too. 

I've written some books that have just been published by 
Xlibris Publishing. 
They are available for your consideration.

The first has stories about some of my experiences traveling to mission fields like 
Siberia, Mindanao and Chernagov. 

The second is a narrative discussion of the Return of Christ from a pre-mill, pretrib point of view using the King James Bible as the final authority on the subject. 

The third is a Study Bible on the New Testament with notes on the verses dealing with 
Christian service in a true church.

The  fourth is a look at what makes the congregation I attend distinct from all other 
denominations in the land.

PLEASE take a look at these books. 
 I've received good reports back from some of the early readers.
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