Thursday, April 02, 2015

Vision Drills

[Video] Learn The Shooters #1 Skill
It wasn’t surprising to see the number of questions we got from my Tuesday email about Dr. Eric Cobb’s vision training program.
Those related to “firearms” definitely topped the list.
I’ll address them in a moment but first it’s instructive to look at one other concern voiced by many because it’s a great example of how very different this program is (and why it’s so effective).
“I can’t imagine anything changing my vision
in as little as 10 minutes a day.”
Here’s what to remember:  with many drills in Vision Gym you are not just training your eyes – you are re-training your brain.
This involves neurology. And you quickly discover when dealing with nerves, “more often isn’t better.” Overtiring your nervous system isn’t the goal.
It’s why you may find surprisingly short sessions producing dramatic results (the amazing thing about your nervous system – it can change in an instant).
. . .Back to the impact of this program on firearms training. . .
Combatives including firearms training is a lifelong love of Dr. Cobb.
That’s why all his programs integrate with and improve both your firearm – and – TFT “targeting” skills.
I’ve got a live video featuring Dr. Cobb that I believe help explain this.
As you watch the video be sure to focus on these items:
  • Why research evidence now proves our entire culture is wrong in telling us our eyesight deteriorates after 40. Once you accept that “vision is a skill” you take control of the outcome. Train it to improve – or – neglect and lose it. It’s your choice.

  • How full-range-of-motion drills are key to better vision – yet almost universally ignored.

  • Peripheral Awareness: Tunnel vision, a given in high stress situations? WRONG. It’s a brain issue not a vision issue and can be trained. This can be the difference between life and death in multiple attacker situations. How simple drills can train your brain to get better at threat detection and discrimination skills, leading to faster reaction time when dealing with a threat.

  • Contrast sensitivity: Same thing – why seeing in the dark is surprisingly something you can train your brain to do!

  • Finally, notice how easy it is to “learn” with Dr. Cobb.
(If you missed my Tuesday email, you’ll find a copy of it below the video).
Best Regards,
Tim Larkin
Creator & Founder,
Target Focus Training

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