Thursday, April 02, 2015

ask the Indiana gov 2 veto the so-called fix


churchThis morning, legislative leaders released the language of their so-called “fix” of the religious freedom law – a law that has been proven sound in 19 other states and needs no correction.
Incredibly, the new language actually throws the religious freedom of many Hoosiers under the bus. For example:
  • The Jewish caterer who declines to provide services for a particular event because of violations of their religious tenets
  • The Christian florist who declines to participate in celebrating a same-sex wedding ceremony (as happened in Washington State)
  • The baker who declines to bake a cake with a message deriding same-sex marriage (as happened in Colorado, showing that these issues cut both ways)
Restrictions on freedom of this sort are happening around the nation and will inevitably come to Indiana if this bill becomes law.
Legal experts also say that the bill’s protection for churches is inadequate and will likely lead to lawsuits or even prosecution over non-religious church activity, such as renting out facilities for events. 
What can you do? Please contact Gov. Mike Pence through his website or call (317) 232-4567 and urge him to veto the bill and protect religious liberty for ALL Hoosiers.
Thank you for making your voice heard.
The CitizenLink Team
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