Saturday, May 09, 2015

Most people should know this

It is illegal for teachers in the public school system to go on STRIKE.   That may be news to some people because for some reason, almost every year we hear about another teacher's strike.  They are doing it a little differently this year but it is the same old story.  "It is for the sake of the children."  Be very careful about falling for that one.  Most teachers strikes never end up being of more benefit to students than to union leaders and system administrators.  HERE is a little thing that YOU can do to be of help regarding the education of our young people.  
 Action step for this week
Whether your school district is striking or not, now is a good time to remind your school board members they represent families and taxpayers, not employees. Send them an email asking them to "stand up for students rather than union bosses."  
See their email address here.

If the email address is not included on our list, check on the district's webpage.
MINE in Tacoma are: 
Tacoma #10
Debbie Winskill

Tacoma #10
Kurt Miller

Tacoma #10
Catherine Ushka

Tacoma #10
Scott Heinze

Tacoma #10
Karen Vialle


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