Friday, May 08, 2015

Attn. WA voters, call & say NO.

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Friends –

On Wednesday, Jay Inslee told reporters that he was not going to give up on his cap-and-tax scheme. He admitted he was working with Democrat House Speaker Frank Chopp to bring his scheme "back into the mix" during the special session.

(Please do not let them keep doing this.  Call the Olympia Hotline: 1-800-562-6000 -TTY for Hearing Impaired 1-800-635-9993.  Leave a message for your Senator, and Representatives.  Tell them there are only two things they need to do.  1. Pass the Senate approved budget.  2.  Adjourn and go home.)  LJK.   

Inslee's admission reveals just how dedicated he is to his extreme "green" agenda. Even after failing to garner enough support to pass it out of the Democrat-controlled state House during the regular session, Inslee persists in pushing for his cap-and-tax scheme to raise energy prices in Washington State with no benefit to our residents or the environment.

Well, Shift is equally dedicated to exposing Inslee's extreme green agenda for what it is: a job-killing burden on taxpayers. Will you consider supporting us as we work to shine the light on Inslee's agenda? You can count on us not to give up on our mission.

Inslee also informed reporters that he and Chopp were holding discussions on "refining certain elements of the proposal" in order to gear it more toward job creation. By that particular admission, Inslee granted a sneak-peek into his next strategy for promoting his cap-and-tax scheme.

Inslee cannot escape the fact that his cap-and-tax scheme would—among other costs—lead to job losses according to experts, to the tune of 56,000. No doubt, Inslee's new "job development" approach will rely on false assumptions to conveniently claim his cap-and-tax scheme would add jobs to the work force.

Whatever method Inslee may find to promote his cap-and-tax scheme, Shift is here to combat his false claims. But, we cannot do it without you support. Will you consider donating to our cause today?

Inslee will not give up on his extreme "green" agenda. With Frank Chopp's help, he is even willing to obstruct pressing budget negotiations in order to achieve his ends.

We don't know when Inslee and Chopp will finally give up on their extreme agenda and work to get the peoples' business done. But, we do know you can count on us to meet Inslee's false claims with the truth every step of the way. Can we count on your support?

– Matthew, Josh and the rest of the Shift WA team
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