Friday, May 08, 2015

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May 7, 2015
How Much is Your Faith Worth? 
| Stoplight

by CitizenLink Tem

A grandmother and florist is at risk of losing 
her business and her home because the 
government objects to her Christian beliefs 
about marriage.

In his Stoplight® commentary, Stuart Shepard 
shares the compelling story of Barronelle Stutzman. She runs Arlene's 
Flowers in Richland, Washington. But the state attorney general is 
intent on putting her out of business, because she makes business 
decisions based on her faith.

It appears the government is okay with Christians believing whatever 
they want as long as they act according to what the state believes.

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“This definition (of marriage) has been with us for millennia and it’s very 
 difficult for the court to say, ‘Oh well, we know better.’”  Justice Anthony Kennedy

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