Thursday, May 07, 2015

Voter Representation

Fair Voter Representation
By Larry Killion 

Somebody needs to do an op-ed in response to some propaganda sent out to voters in Washington State by the leftist progressives in power.  Apparently, they are concerned about loosing some of their power.  Mine came in the form of an e-mail from Karen Deal of the Washington Democrats.  She suggested that all the readers of The Seattle Times, The Olympian and The Spokesman newspapers feel that our election system is broken and needs to be “fixed”. (I do not like that word in the context of elections.) It began with the statement that history teaches us that our government is stronger if every voice is heard.  Caution: A patriot loves his country but is leery of a government that becomes too powerful. 

Now, we live in a Republic where we the people send elected representatives to legislate laws that will protect us from invasion by foreign enemies and against usurpation of our liberty from within or without.  Therefore, it is important indeed for our representatives to be in office according to the vote of legitimate citizens.  The key word there is “legitimate”.  This might be a point Karen and the progressives are missing all together.  They suggest that our system is unjust because certain ethnic groups in our communities are not fairly represented and their solution to this is a so-called Voting Rights Act.  Many common sense patriots in our State believe a good way to insure a fair election process is to first True the Vote.  That means purging the dirty voter registration rolls of non-legitimate voters like non-citizens, felons, duplicates, dead people, and so on, rather than opening the door to put more bogus names on the rolls and thereby continue to empower the wickedness of election fraud. 

The common ground that I have with Karen is this: I think we both want fair elections where voters get a government that fairly represents them.  Therefore, I went to the WA. State Legislature website and found the latest copy of HB 1745-2015-16 and read it.

It appeared to be another convoluted and complicated scheme to redistrict voting districts in order to manipulate the election process in favor of socialism and redistribution of wealth.   I live in a Legislative District that has been under the thumb of the leftist progressives for well over a half a century.  I know what it is like to feel unrepresented.  The left is doing everything they can to maintain their power but there is a grassroots movement of patriots growing in number who are starting to speak up and say. “We are not going to take it anymore.”  If you truly want fair treatment of the voters in our State, start by insuring a fair and honest election process where legitimate voters cast honestly tabulated ballots. Do this, and see if things do not change for the better for all honest citizens in your community. 

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