Friday, May 29, 2015

TTV (True the Vote) this week.

True the Vote

Check Out TTV’s Dueling Op-Ed on Universal Registration in Illinois

This week True the Vote was invited to submit an op-ed as part of a debate over an Illinois proposal to bring about universal voter registration, similar to the law signed in Oregon earlier this year. Although the Chicago Sun-Times’ editorial board argues that the law should be passed in hopes that voter turnout will improve, TTV Founder Catherine Engelbrecht urges a look at the bigger picture: “While the ‘opt-out voter registration’ bill SB2134 is advertised as a cure-all for presumed voter apathy, it also manages to open a door toward greater mandates that may never be shut. Free speech rights are anything but when lawmakers begin to make assumptions, especially for the cause of social engineering.”
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We Will Not Be Silenced: A Simple Fix for the IRS

An excellent opinion submission to The Wall Street Journal this week details a painfully simple proposal to prevent future abuses on the part of the Internal Revenue Service. While congressional investigators continue to haggle over once “lost” emails from key officials, Scott Blackburn from the Center for Competitive Politics writes, “The job of the IRS should be to collect taxes, fairly and efficiently. Since the income tax was enacted in 1913, however, the IRS has appropriated to itself—sometimes on its own, sometimes with congressional blessing—the right to make political judgments about groups of citizens. That is the central failure revealed by this scandal … The treatment of tea party groups is not the first time that the IRS has been used as a political cudgel to beat some organizations into silent submission. But this has been one of the most systematic efforts to do so. If we want to ensure that such abuse does not happen again, we must, and rather easily can, take the agency out of the speech-police business.”
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Sign Up for the June National Conference Call

It’s never too soon to sign up for the next True the Vote National Conference call. Join us for an ongoing discussion about the state of our election systems and how individual engaged voters can make a big difference every day of the year.
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