Friday, June 12, 2015

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Friday, June 12, 2015

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Top Stories
• Rosie O’Donnell Cancels Plans to Adopt Unborn Baby After She Learns the Baby’s Disabled
• High School Implants IUDs in Teen Girls Without Their Parents’ Knowledge or Consent

• Watch How This “Vegetative” Patient Reacts When He’s Told a Court Said He Can be Starved to Death
• Dallas, Texas Abortion Clinic Set to Close After Court Upholds Pro-Life Law

More Pro-Life News
• Shocking Report Shows Thousands of Patients Being Euthanized By Doctors Without Consent
• When a Woman Told Her Boss She Was Having an Abortion, His Response Was Amazing
• Funeral Held for Newborn Baby Found Abandoned at Sewage Treatment Plant
• Abortion Clinics Across Texas Expected to Close After Court Upholds Pro-Life Law

• After All These Years, Abortion Advocates Still Have No Idea What Motivates Pro-Lifers• She Quit a High-Level Corporate Job to Make Blankets for Babies and the Elderly
• This 12-Year-Old Girl’s Biological Mother Did Something That Saved Her From Infanticide

• Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Signs Pro-Life Bill to Stop Starving Patients to Death
• Baby Survives Abortion So the Mother Sues the Abortion Clinic, Which Then Sues the Father
• Doctor Refuses to Do Assisted Suicide: “I Don’t Kill Anybody, That is Never the Goal of Medical Care”
• Mother Finally Gives Birth After Losing 8 Babies in Miscarriage and One Ectopic Pregnancy

• Protest Will Call on Princeton University to Fire Peter Singer for Pushing Infanticide
• Planned Parenthood Glad Murder Charge Dropped Against Woman Who Killed Her 5-Month Unborn Baby
• Wendy Davis Slams Senate Bill to Ban Abortions on Unborn Babies After 20 Weeks

Tulare-Kings Right to Life seeks Executive Director for Central California RTL group larger than many state organizations. Five full-time employees, including coordinators for Youth Outreach, Latinos 4 Life, Post-Abortion Outreach, and Executive Assistant. Send resumes to Download Job Description.

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