Monday, June 01, 2015

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Team –

Below are the most popular stories from last week. Please share them with your Facebook friends. Thanks again for all you do. Remember – Shift happens, if you work at it.

– Matthew, Josh and the rest of the Shift WA Team

Average teacher's salary vs. median household income
As illegal teachers' strikes organized with the help of the Washington Education Association (WEA) place a wrench in the day-to-day lives of working families, the question of how the average teacher's salary compares with the median household income in our state inevitably arises. [read more]
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Business owners announce price hikes as a result of $15 minimum wage
The Washington Policy Center recently highlighted two examples of the consequences of Seattle's $15 minimum wage. Check out a sign posted by a nail salon and a sign posted by a McDonald's franchise owner in Seattle below. [read more]
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GOP lawmaker derided at town hall over education, but why?
State Sen. Ann Rivers, R-La Center held a joint town hall meeting with state Rep. Brandon Vick, R-Felida on Saturday. Though the two lawmakers took time out of their holiday weekend to discuss the education budget and recent teacher walkouts, their effort to engage with their constituents was not received well... to say the least. [read more]
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10 little known consequences of House Democrats' budget
The state Legislature faces a special session deadline tomorrow, yet lawmakers have not completed the people's business. Notably, they have yet to pass the 2015-17 state budget. House Democrats-due to their unwillingness to compromise on their spending package and their refusal to vote for their historic tax hike proposals-have forced budget negotiations to proceed at a snail's pace. [read more]
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