Tuesday, July 07, 2015

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Monday, July 6, 2015
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Top Stories
• Obama Administration Sends $5.6 Million to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz
• ACLU Loses Lawsuit in Attempt to Force Catholic Hospital to Do Abortions

• Man Stabs and Beats His Pregnant Girlfriend Screaming “I Will Kick That Baby Out of You”
• Court Says Disabled Patient Can be Starved to Death Against His Will Just Like Terri Schiavo

More Pro-Life News
• 25,000 Pro-Lifers March Through the Streets of Dublin, Ireland Against Abortion
• Writer Claims Aborting Her Baby Was a Blessing: “Abortion Let Me be a Mother”
• You Can’t Save the Planet If You Don’t Save Unborn Babies From Abortion
• Woman’s Heartbreaking Letter to Father of Baby She Aborted: “I’m So Very Sorry”

• Houston Public School District Blocks Access to Planned Parenthood Web Site as “Inappropriate”• Identical Twins Give Birth on the Same Day, Hours Before Their 30th Birthday
• Obamacare is Restricting Your Choice of Doctor or Hospital, Here’s How

• Newborn Baby Was Declared Dead for Almost 10 Minutes, Then She Came Back to Life
• Abortion Clinic Refuses Ambulance for Woman Hemorrhaging After Botched Abortion
• “Abortion Drone” Taking Illegal Abortion Pills to Ireland is a Cheap Publicity Stunt
• California Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide Can Be Defeated if Pro-Life People Step Up Now
• German Bundestag Debates Measures to Legalize Assisted Suicide

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