Tuesday, July 07, 2015

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Kansas, Arizona Denied by SCOTUS in Fighting Noncitizen Voter Registration

While the U.S. Supreme Court was busy disrupting news cycles and breaking the Internet with major rulings, it also took time last week to deny a petition from Kansas and Arizona to be heard on a matter involving proposed controls to prevent noncitizen voter registration. The states specifically requested that the federal government require users of the federal voter registration form to submit proof of citizenship along with their application. This setback will only prove to be a small one, however.

For years, TTV has advocated that states “own their data.” This means they should utilize the powers already given to them by the federal courts to verify voter registration information as it is received. The technology to do so is available and affordable. Taking ownership also means finding new ways to share information between agencies such as jury clerks, for example. In a statement released after the ruling, Catherine Engelbrecht noted, “Today’s decision is yet another reminder that if citizens demand improved election integrity, they must first look to themselves.” 
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We Will Not Be Silenced: IRS Botches Email Recovery, Again

It’s hard to keep track of things: Lois Lerner’s emails are irrevocably lost, miraculously found and then accidentally lost yet again. While this news usually enjoys wall-to-wall coverage, SCOTUS was busy stealing the spotlight. We first learned that up to 24,000 of Lois Lerner’s emails went missing AFTER multiple protection orders had been placed upon them, according to 
CNN. But it gets worse. Now the varieties of email transparency scandals around Washington are starting to merge. POLITICO reported last week that the same attorney who led the IRS email recovery-and-loss squad has been tasked to help turn over Benghazi-related State Department emails to Congress. Spoiler alert: emails will disappear. If it is any consolation, the Treasury Department swears it did not delete emails with malicious intent. Instead, the claim is that the employees who magnetically deleted files did not know they weren’t supposed to delete anymore. And so the scandal grows…
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