Monday, July 27, 2015

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Monday, July 27, 2015

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Top Stories
• Cecile Richards Defends Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Body Parts, Calls Pro-Lifers Killers
• Ice Cream Shop Creates Planned Parenthood Flavor for Abortion Biz Called “Taste of Victory”

• United Way Defends Funding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz: It’s Just a Small Amount
• President Obama Thanks Planned Parenthood After It Sells Aborted Baby Body Parts

More Pro-Life News
• Rand Paul Confident Senate Will Vote on De-Funding Planned Parenthood Soon
• 135 Congressmen Demand Attorney General Investigate Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies
• This is the Device Planned Parenthood is Using to Get Body Parts From Aborted Babies to Sell
• Anonymous Hackers Break Into Planned Parenthood’s Computer System, Plan to Release Emails

• Woman Who Cut Mother’s 7-Month-Old Unborn Baby Out of Her Womb Pleads Not Guilty• They Were Seconds Away From Having an Abortion When Something Changed Their Minds
• Mom’s Premature Baby Dies After Doctors Mistook Signs of Labor for Kidney Stones

• Congresswoman: Planned Parenthood Sells Aborted Baby Parts, We Must De-Fund It Now
• Carly Fiorina Slams Planned Parenthood Defending Sale of Aborted Babies: “It’s Unbelievable”
• South Dakota Legislator Wants to Jail Anyone Who Sells Body Parts of Aborted Babies
• Couple Adopts All Four of Their Friend’s Daughters After Mom Dies From Brain Cancer
• Pro-Abortion Group Trying to Pressure Malta Into Legalizing Abortion• Man Who Took 14-Year-Old for Abortion After He Raped Her Dozens of Times Wants Lesser Sentence
• Doctors at Hospital in France Postpone Starving Disabled Patient to Death Against His Will

SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must Investigate Planned Parenthood for Selling Aborted Baby Parts

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