Friday, July 31, 2015

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Friday, July 31, 2015

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Top Stories
• Obama Will Veto Bill to De-Fund Planned Parenthood Despite Selling Aborted Baby Parts
• Is Planned Parenthood Selling “Fully Intact” Babies Born Alive and Left to Die?

• Hillary Clinton Says “I’m Proud to Stand With Planned Parenthood” After It Sells Aborted Babies
• Abortion Business Files Lawsuit to Stop More Videos Exposing Sales of Aborted Baby Parts

More Pro-Life News
• 18 House Republicans Pledge to Shut Down Government if Planned Parenthood Not De-Funded
• Obama Will Investigate Death of Cecil the Lion, Ignores Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies
• Exposed: Planned Parenthood Had Hillary Clinton’s Private Email, Worked With Her to Push Abortion
• ABC Covers Cecil the Lion 15x More Than Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies

• Congressman Introduces Bill to Ban Sales of Body Parts From Aborted Babies• Slate Writer Says Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Babies is “Commendable,” an “Act of Altruism”
• Planed Parenthood Claims Donations Have Spiked Since It Was Caught Selling Aborted Babies

• Episcopal and United Church of Christ Clergy Praise Planned Parenthood for “Doing God’s Work”
• Planned Parenthood Prez: Videos Exposing Us Selling Aborted Babies are an Attack on Women
• NOW President Says “Moms Love Planned Parenthood. It Has Nothing to Apologize For”
• Former Planned Parenthood Director: Abortion Biz Makes $100-$200 for Every Aborted Baby Part Sold
• Wisconsin Lawmakers Vow to Quickly Pass Bill to Ban Sale of Aborted Babies
SIGN THE PETITION! Congress Must De-Fund Planned Parenthood Immediately

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