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Truth in LOVE

July 31, 2015
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This Monday:
Unveiling the True Face of Islam:

A Wake Up Call for the World

Please join us in Coeur d'Alene!
This Monday, August 3rd
7:00 pm
Candlelight Christian Fellowship

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When will we wake up and address the enemy of true liberty, both here in America and around the world?

True Islam, as modeled by the Islamic prophet Muhammad, is what we are witnessing in the actions of jihadists like the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah and their many supporters.This Islam is not radical or an aberration. This Islam is the true, fanatical, fundamental Islam practiced by Muhammad and his followers.

This new presentation will fly in the face of political correctness, the false label of "Islamophobia" and even threats of violence or death.

Shahram Hadian lays out the evidence from Islamic doctrine, text, and Shari'ah law practice that what we are witnessing in the world today is "true Islam." We are living in dangerous times and we need a wake up call!

Read more about this presentation here.

We hope you can  join us Monday night!
Coeur d'Alene, ID: Monday, August 3rd  @ 7pm




Unvetted Islamic Refugees Coming to America

This past week Shahram spoke in Boise and in Twin Falls, Idaho, (where Muslim Syrian refugees are scheduled to arrive this October). He presented over a period of 4 days to more than 700 community members, plus meetings with elected officials and law enforcement. Shahram also was a guest on multiple local radio shows, sharing with audiences the truth of Islam, and what the "Refugee Resettlement Program" can mean for Idaho and for our Nation.

The true agenda of Islamic immigration is being hidden from the local and state governments. Large groups of refugees are being dumped into 190+ targeted conservative communities without a proper vetting structure and without the sufficient notification or input from these communities. Shahram believes we need to LIMIT immigration (with greater scrutiny) from Muslim countries (particularly those who are known sponsors of terrorism). He also believes that the Refugee Resettlement Program must be halted in order to bring greater oversight and accountability to the broken refugee system. (Photo: Syrian refugees at a protest rally)

Want to know more about the Idaho refugee plans?
  • You can read a WND article on the Idaho refugee plans here 
  • Listen to our Fortress of Faith broadcast discussing the Hidden Agenda of Islamic Immigration here
  • Listen to Shahram's interview on the Kevin Miller KIDO radio show here

Is Islam demonic?

While in Idaho, Shahram received a lot of scrutiny in the media for saying in his presentations that the ideology of Islam is evil and demonic. He backed up this claim by opening and reading "evidence" directly from the Quran, the Sunna and The Reliance of the Traveler (Islamic law book), all credible Islamic sources. While a guest on the Nate Shelman radio show on KBOI in Boise, discussing Islamic refugee resettlement, Nate asked Shahram to explain his position.

At minute 18 Shahram answers the question, "Did you really say that Islam is demonic?"

Listen in to hear the answer.
order dvdWould you like a DVD copy of one of Shahram's presentation for yourself or to give to your family, friends or pastor?
You can easily order the following DVDs right from our website:
  • Chrislam Exposed: The Seductive Lie of a Common God Between Christianity & Islam
  • Beheadings & The Bible
  • Restoring our Constitutional Republic
  • The True Goal of Islam & The Threat of Shari'ah Law in America
  • Pre-order: Unveiling the True Face of Islam- A Wake Up Call for the World

Crossing the Line: The Supreme Court Decision to Legalize Homosexual Marriage

Recently on Fortress of Faith radio Shahram Hadian and his co-host Tom Wallace discussed the implications of the Supreme Court decision regarding homosexual marriage.
Listen in, and please share this important message.

Tune in to our other recent radio archives:
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Islam in our Schools

Our radio program airs  live each Saturday at 10 am PST, 12 noon CST.  You can listen to archives of these shows or listen live.

Would you like audio CD's of our radio shows? You can now order any of our programs onto CD for playing in your car, home, or giving away. Just email us with the dates/titles of the programs you want (find them here), and we'll send you the CDs in the mail. Email us at with your order and mailing address. CDs are by contribution to The TIL Project. (Suggested: $10 for 1, $5 each additional)

Praying for a Gideon Army of 300

As more doors have been opening, we have an increased need for prayer and financial support
In order to achieve the goals that we believe the Lord is placing before us, we hope to raise up a “Gideon Army of 300” (Judges 7: 1-25) supporters who will stand with us in prayer and/or financially support The TIL Project at $20 per month. 

For months now, we have sensed a movement of God towards expanding the ministry of the Truth in Love Project.  In the past year alone, we have seen greater doors opening for Shahram and the critical messages that God has placed on his heart.

If you believe in the work and message of The TIL Project, will you prayerfully consider supporting this ministry?
Read more here...

Beheadings and the Bible!

DVD Now Available!

The Bible says that in the Tribulation period, multitudes will lose their lives to "beheadings" (Rev. 20:4). Is the recent rise of Islamic inspired beheadings a sign of what's ahead?

Shahram will present the connection between Islam, the anti-Christ spirit, and the beheadings of the saints for their testimony of Jesus Christ.

To order a DVD copy of Shahram's presentation on "Beheadings & the Bible" from the recent Peoria, IL Steeling the Mind conference, please visit our DVD order page here. This particular DVD was produced by Compass International and not by The TIL Project. We suggest $15 for 1 DVD, and $10 each additional (shipping included to continental U.S.).

If you would like to have this new presentation at your church, please let us know at

Truth in Love Church is Live Streaming Sundays!

church logoPastor Hadian's weekly messages at Truth in Love Christian Fellowship are now being Live Streamed!

We recently switched Live Stream companies, so this is a new link- please update your bookmarks if you have our old link saved.

You can watch the teachings live each Sunday night around 6:30pm, or view archived messages at any time.

Truth in Love Christian Fellowship is NOW meeting in Spokane Valley, WA as well as Everett, WA each Sunday night at 5:00pm.

Please visit our church website for more information:

Would you like to have Shahram Hadian come and speak to your group?

Shahram is now booking speaking engagements for 2015. His newest presentations are titled, "Unveiling the True Face of Islam: A Wake Up Call to the World." and "Chrislam Exposed: The Seductive Lie of a Common God Between Christianity & Islam."
If you would like Shahram to come and speak to your church, civic, political, liberty, school, or home group on the many issues The TIL Project addresses, please email or call 425-772-8222.
The simple mission of the TIL Project is to courageously
speak the "Truth In Love" on a variety of critical issues facing our Nation.
Shahram Hadian, a former Muslim from Iran, now Christian pastor, speaks throughout the State of Washington and across the Nation. His heart is to combat political correctness and stand for the restoration of the Godly foundational principles of America.
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