Saturday, July 11, 2015

Way to go Wisconsin

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July 2015 • Issue No. 28
Now, Let’s Expand Gun Rights in Every State
Tim Schmidt
Not too long ago, I talked with you about the senseless and tragic murder of Carol Bowne, the young woman from New Jersey who was killed by her ex-boyfriend...basically because she was forced to wait for permission to protect herself.

Since that time, my home state of Wisconsin has seen a wonderful thing take place—something that the bureaucrats in New Jersey should pay close attention to: We expanded our gun rights. We repealed the waiting-period requirement and put freedom back in the hands of responsible Americans so they can defend themselves with firearms.

On June 24, 2015, Governor Scott Walker signed legislation into law, eliminating the nearly 40-year-old, 48-hour waiting period that was once mandatory before purchasing a handgun in our state. (Currently, ten states impose waiting periods prior to purchasing a handgun.) Walker also signed a law allowing off-duty, retired, and out-of-state police officers to carry firearms on school grounds.

And I had the honor and privilege of watching this event take place.

What a proud and exciting moment to stand behind Governor Walker—and alongside other responsibly armed Americans—to witness the signing of laws that will support our firearms community!

While I applaud Governor Walker and our state for overturning this senseless law, which was in direct affront to the Second Amendment rights of every Wisconsin resident, I'd really like to see this type of thing happening all across the United States.

Wouldn’t you?

Wouldn’t you be proud to see more legislation passed that takes the side of the good guys?

At least the state of New Jersey is listening. The tragic murder of Carol Bowne has prompted lawmakers to introduce legislation that would speed up the firearms permit application process for residents who are protected by restraining orders. Senate Republican Dawn Addiego stated in a press release, “This legislation will make sure that those who need protection the most are given priority when it comes to the lengthy process of applying for a firearms permit.”

It’s not a solution. And it’s certainly not all-inclusive. But it's a step in the right direction.

We’re making progress.

Granted, I know that some days it truly feels like we’re taking two steps forward and one step back, but it’s this kind of effort that recharges my strength and renews my faith. And it’s these small victories that we can look to as we continue to fight for our Second Amendment freedoms.

So I encourage all of you to keep up the good work. Don’t give up. Don’t back down. Let’s not lose another Carol Bowne to laws that limit our right to self-defense.

As Plato so fittingly said, “We are twice armed if we fight with faith.”

And I have faith that together we can make a difference.
Take Care and Stay Safe,

Tim Schmidt
Publisher - Concealed Carry Report
USCCA Founder

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