Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Christian Comfort

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  We can all be reassured that God is always with us.

Every day, it seems, we're bombarded by disturbing images and stories about natural disasters and human atrocities from all around the world. The relentlessness of present-day news (and social media) coverage makes it almost impossible to escape these troubling reports. That's why it's good to be prepared to talk as a family about dealing with tragedy.

Television and internet-based video coverage are what analysts describe as "hot" mediums. They create an impression of directness and immediacy, as if the events on screen are happening "right there" in front of the viewer. It's best to shield younger kids, especially, from this kind of reporting as much as possible. But you can sit down with older children and talk about what has happened: "How do you think the people in this situation are feeling? How would you feel if you were in their place?" Try to turn a difficult scenario into an opportunity to help your kids develop empathy and compassion for people they haven't met and will probably never know.

The reality is that the world is not necessarily a safe place, and bad things do happen from time to time. Still, as Christians we can all be reassured with the thought that God is always with us, that He has promised to stand by us, and that He will take care of us no matter what comes our way ... John 14:27.
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