Saturday, August 22, 2015

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New TTV Research Finds Thousands of Potential Duplicate Voter Registrations in NC Counties
This week TTV turned over thousands of potential duplicate voter registrations in some of North Carolina’s largest counties in a new strategy to share findings and oversee the eventual removal of bogus files in bulk. As you may know, as an organization TTV cannot directly challenge the veracity of a voter registration– only local voters have that power in most cases. True the Vote can, however, share findings and negotiate to view how counties in receipt process TTV research and improve voter rolls at large. We’ll share these findings in greater detail as the various jurisdictions contacted offer feedback on TTV research. Reactions to TTV’s findings have been overwhelmingly appreciated thus far.
Voter ID Fight in North Carolina May Head to Settlement Talks
One of the most highly publicized fights over a voter ID law and other election integrity reforms may end with a handshake instead of a judge’s order in North Carolina. New court documents filed this week indicate the NAACP and other plaintiffs are opening the door to settlement talks after Tar Heel legislators amended the law to allow voters to sign a “reasonable impediment declaration” if they could not comply with the law when enforcement begins in 2016. You can read more about the status of the lawsuit here.

A key component of the case brought by NAACP, et al., is the assertion that the State has not done a good enough job educating the public about the law as 2016 draws near. The North Carolina State Board of Elections has built an easy-to-use website that tells voters all they need to know about complying with the new requirement. If you live in the state or know someone that does, share this
website now ( The link is short enough to tweet it – #justsaying.
The U.S. Postal Service Wants YOU to Vote by Mail…Maybe

When you hear the words ‘Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Postal Service’, your first instinct may be to find some paint to observe the drying process as a pick-me-up. Stick with us, though, because this office in the USPS is now openly
advocating for all “election jurisdictions to transition to all-mail voting” for the noble purpose of “grow[ing] mail volume and revenue.” That’s right, the Inspector General sees a potential $2 million annual increase in income by promoting the method of voting universally understood to be the most susceptible to fraud. Thankfully, USPS management is not sold on the idea. Opposition to the idea is no doubt bolstered by election blunders like most recently seen in Orem, Utah, where roughly 1,300 ballots were delivered after an election -- by no fault of the voters in question -- due to internal inefficiencies with the postal service.
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