Saturday, March 07, 2015

Freedom Bridge

This was the first Saturday of the month and I have decided to stand my post on this day monthly (Lord willing) from 10AM to 11AM on Freedom Bridge at Exit 122 on I-5.  This is the place where Patriots often meet to show their appreciation for our TROOPS.  I was the only one there this morning because some of the flag-wavers were attending the Pierce County Central committee meeting of the GOP.  I had quite a few waves, thumbs up, and horn honks, especially from Bikers & Truckers.  Three different JBLM personnel talked to me on the bridge and thanked me for what I was doing.  One offered to buy me a cup of coffee.  Another took this snap shot for me.  This is just one small thing that I want to do to try and pump some Patriotism back into the blood stream of my country.  Folks, if we do not do something, we are going to lose our constitutional existence as a free country.


Kerry said...

Thanks for being there this morning Larry! I just had too many things going on... Central Committee meeting being one... and it was a long one!

Peggy Hutt said...

Thank you Larry! I too couldn't make it this time due to the same Central Committee meeting. I have gotten the Kitsap Patriots to do the same thing at Bangor Naval Shipyard! They have been at it about a year. The thing about Bangor is that they get protested so often because they are Nuclear. They also do it in the first Sat of the month and sometimes we go there and sometimes we go to the Freedom Bridge. We also do it every Friday here in Gig Harbor! I am sorry to see that you were the only one. For 10 years now people have been going out to the Freedom Bridge, we have to get it started again! Thank you again Patriot Larry!