Friday, July 10, 2015

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Friday, July 10, 2015
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Top Stories
• Pro-Life Actor Kelsey Grammar Meets Ben Carson at National Right to Life Convention
• Her Baby’s Father Wanted Her to Have an Abortion and Her Family Disowned Her, But She Chose Life

• Marco Rubio: No Issue is More Important Than Protecting Babies From Abortion
• Rick Santorum: “I Don’t Believe Life Begins at Conception, I Know It Does”

More Pro-Life News
• Ben Carson: Government Doesn’t Get to Decide if We are a Pro-Life Nation, We Do
• Rick Perry: As a Pro-Life President I Will Put Good Judges on the Supreme Court. “I Don’t Do Squishy”
• Man Places Foster Baby’s Head Between His Knee and the Floor and Crushes Her Skull
• House Republicans Defeat Democrat Push to Force Taxpayers to Fund Research on Abortion Techniques

• Three Years After Planned Parenthood Killed Her in an Abortion, Tonya Reaves Still Waits for Justice• Pro-Life TV Personality Rachael Campos Duffy Slams Pro-Abortion Feminists “They are Science Deniers”
• 1,147,000 Americans are Alive Today Because the Hyde Amendment Saved Them From Abortion

• The Top Four Reasons Women Give for Having an Abortion Aren’t What You Think
• Irish Minister for Health Won’t Say How Old the 26 Babies Were Who Died in Abortions

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