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Birthright Citizenship

4 Questions for Candidates:About Birthright Citizenship.
Do you think babies of foreign tourists should get automatic U.S. citizenship if their parents vacationed at Disney World or the national parks and gave birth while here?

If so, do you support deporting the parents if they overstay their visas or is their U.S.-citizen child a reason to let them stay?

Even if there are some better examples of why birthright citizenship is the right thing to do, doesn't the Disney World example suggest something needs to change?

How would you prevent the more than 45 million legal foreign visitors who enter our country each year from getting anchored through birthright citizenship?

"Welcome to Maternity Hotel California," by Benjamin Carlson of Rolling Stone. Excerpt:
"While birth tourism has become extremely popular in China, no one knows exactly how many Chinese visit the U.S. each year to have a baby. In 2012, according to Chinese state media, there were some 10,000 tourist births from China; more recent estimates have put the number as high as 60,000 a year....

"....birth tourists, arriving on legal visas, aren't breaking any laws while in the country. But as the issue has gained media coverage, federal agents have turned to a few tools at their disposal. Lying during an interview at the embassy -- visa fraud -- is a federal crime, as is tax fraud. Many maternity hotels coach their clients on what to say to U.S. consular officials, and, according to law enforcement, it appears few pay taxes."

"Report: 36,000 foreign 'birth tourists' here to make U.S. babies" by Paul Bedard for the Washington Examiner. Excerpt:
"Trying to figure out the accurate numbers is nearly impossible but the Center for Immigration Studies has compared two key official U.S. survey figures of all mothers to suggest that the number is about 36,000."

"Donald Trump pushes birthright citizenship to forefront of political debate" by Stephen Dinan for the Washington Times. Excerpt:
"The idea of ending birthright citizenship through legislation has been kicked around for years, and was even part of a 1993 bill introduced by current Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Nevada Democrat.

"A decade ago, House Republican leaders formed a task force that brought together both sides of the Republican immigration debate, and they agreed on the need to try to halt birthright citizenship."


 How Trump could change birthright citizenship" by Jon Feere in The Hill. Excerpt:
"Whether Trump worked with Congress to draft legislation or simply directed agencies to apply the Citizenship Clause more narrowly, the issue would likely end up at the Supreme Court. At that point, it might depend on what side of the bed Justice Anthony Kennedy woke up on that morning, or on whether Trump had appointed any new justices to the Supreme Court. Either way, there finally might be some clarity on the issue of birthright citizenship."

"Close loopholes in immigration" by Sen. David Vitter in USA Today. Excerpt:
"'Subject to the jurisdiction thereof' seems pretty clear to me. Congress is afforded the authority to clarify the statutory language so that foreign citizens don't take advantage of our constitutional rights. I've introduced legislation in the U.S. Senate to make those necessary clarifications and close the loopholes in our immigration laws to make sure that birthright citizenship is given only to the children of U.S. citizens and legal resident aliens."

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NumbersUSA Newsletter

  This Issue: Where Did the Candidates End Up Rating After All Those Birthright Citizenship Comments This Week?

The dust is kind of settling after a week-long wind-storm of news media pressing Presidential candidates to express a position on various aspects of immigration policy.
We know a lot more now than we did a week ago. And we'll tell you what we know right here. This overview is the result of two long NumbersUSA Grade Committee meetings yesterday.
Let's start with the topic that got the most media attention. Many in the news media seemed shocked to learn of a movement to end giving U.S. citizenship to babies born to the 11-18 million illegal aliens and to the 45 million tourists, foreign students and guest workers who come to our country each year on legal short-term visas.
The issue is old hat for NumbersUSA members. During our 19 years, we have always included this issue in our congressional candidate surveys, in our congressional grade cards and in our Presidential Hopefuls grade cards.
Reporters, thanks for finally noticing the issue and asking candidates a question we've wanted you to pose for years.
Here are the changes in birthright citizenship Worker-Protection Ratings caused by new statements:
BUSH: changed Rating from No Action to VERY HARMFUL
CARSON: from No Action to VERY GOOD
CHRISTIE: from No Action to GOOD
CRUZ: from No Action to VERY GOOD
FIORINA: from Unhelpful to VERY HARMFUL
JINDAL: from No Action to VERY GOOD
PERRY: from No Action to UNHELPFUL
RUBIO: from No Action to VERY HARMFUL
TRUMP: from No Action to EXCELLENT
In addition, the following candidates stuck with the positions (and Ratings) that they had previously staked out. (Santorum and Paul deserve special recognition for taking strong stands long before Trump stirred the media's interest this past week.)
1st STEPS: Graham
NO POSITION: Chaffee, Walker
UNHELPFUL: Biden, Clinton, Sanders, Webb
ABYSMAL: Kasich, O'Malley
"Birthright" babies eventually grow up. A few hundred thousand of them turn 18 each year and begin competing with a giant surplus of American workers who already are competing for too few jobs.
"Harmful" (red) Ratings mark candidates who are willing to continue adding to the worker surplus and making life that much harder for Americans on the economic edges.
"Good" (green) Ratings mark candidates taking a position that can eventually tighten the labor market and improve the opportunities for struggling workers. It is important to remember that the immediate effect on the labor market is that birthright citizenship causes large numbers of adult illegal aliens to feel they can remain working in the U.S. because they have a child who has been made a U.S. citizen. Our government tends to allow nearly all of them to stay once they have a baby here.
Find the full quotes of each candidate by:
(2) clicking on the photo or name of a candidate
(3) scrolling through the text to find quotes from that candidate on each of the 10 categories of immigration issues
We rate each candidate on their most recent statements of position. We give consideration to previous statements and actions, and also on how their positions compare to those of other candidates. (Be sure to read the text below the big Grade Grid for much more explanation of our process.)
On birthright citizenship, the details that improve a rating are (1) disapproval of the practice, (2) intent to change it, (3) preference for starting with legislative change rather than a constitutional amendment, (4) amount of attention given the issue, and (5) the public spotlight given the issue.
A number of candidates made their immigration positions more worker friendly and got improvements in Ratings:
BUSH on Implementing Interior Enforcement improved from 1st Steps to GOOD.
WALKER on Implementing Interior Enforcement improved from No Action to GOOD.
CHRISTIE and KASICH on Border Security improved from 1st Steps to GOOD.
FIORINA on E-Verify improved from 1st Steps to GOOD, and on Amnesty improved from Unhelpful to MIXED.
RUBIO on Finishing the Entry-Exit System improved from Mixed to 1st STEPS.
Other than on the birthright citizenship issue, only one candidate out of the 21 being tracked had a ranking changed to more anti-worker:
KASICH on Unfair Work-Visa Competition worsened from No Action to HARMFUL.
Thanks to all of you who have shown up at rallies, communicated with staffs, sent emails and letters to candidates, commented on news web sites, radio shows, tweets and Facebook. Combined, your actions are moving the overall conversation in the right direction.

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